Thursday, 19 November 2015

Toilet Fresh!! *PRODUCT REVIEW*

Aquinelle - Toilet Tissue Mist

If you're anything like me, IBD can make you feel unclean and a little less than fresh after a trip to the toilet. Plus to top it off, you can really make yourself sore by the constant wiping when trying to make sure you're clean.

So I tend to carry with me a packet of wet toilet wipes. They're a little embarrassing to carry - for starters they say 'toilet training wipes' on the front of the pack so if anyone does see them, it looks like I have a severe issue of incontencance or some form of inability to use a loo! Plus they're quite bulky (so no little girlie bags!) and the seal doesn't always seal! So therefore they dry out, but not before wetting whatever else I happen to have in my bag.

Anyway, I heard of this toilet mist and was quite excited to give it a go (yes excited - you take little pleasures very seriously when you battle daily with IBD!). When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how compact it was AND discreet. If anyone does happen to catch a glimpse it just looks like a body mist. Plus (this is the winner for me!) girlie bags are go!! No more bulk - the compact spray means that you can carry it around with you easily - not taking up too much space and you don't have to worry about it leaking and getting your belongings wet. So appearance and aesthetics get a big 10/10 from me!

Next, it's performance. A bit of a girlie point to make but I have to be careful with anything that could upset my pH balance down below - leading to the lovely likes of Thrush (sense the sarcasm!) - so to me, this was going to make or break the product. And to my relief, no upset followed. The mist is gentle and so so refreshing. To top it off, when you spray it onto the tissue, it doesn't cause the tissue to breakdown when you wipe. So it really is a discreet and refreshing toilet buddy!

Just to mix things up a little, they come in different fragrances. I currently have 'Citrus Burst' and 'Rainforest' - the latter being my favourite. One for at home and one for my handbag when I'm out and about!

In summary, I would definitely recommend trying this product. It keeps you clean and refreshed on the go, it's a handy travel-sized spray, and it beats wet toilet wipes hands down - both in a performance sense and a practical one. I know it makes my IBD toilet experiences more pleasant! And as I said earlier, it's the simple, little pleasures that make fighting this daily battle more bearable.

Much Love,
Samantha-Rose XO

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